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Welcome to Altatron Technology HK Ltd!


           Company Introduction

  Altatron Technology H.K. Ltd is a provider of low cost, high quality, and On-Time delivery manufacturing services in printed circuit board assembly in China, which include BGA, COB, SMT, and through-hole assembly. We also are able to provide Hi-Pot test, ICT(Genrad model TS-84), Laser solder paste inspection, solder point inspection, and the other tests for board assembly.

  We also specialize in fabricating metal parts, aluminum die casted parts, aluminum extrusion parts with CNC machine milling for high quality finishing, and plastic injection parts in China.

Our suppliers are very experienced in their own fields. Most are ISO-9002 certified companies. 
   We understand that outstanding quality, value, delivery, and world class service are equally important to our customers. 

 We also offer the following benefits to our customers:

 1. We normaly give our customer 45 days payment term from the date the shipment has left our factory.

2.We also can deliver a shipment from our China factory to our customer's warehouse.

3. Our express shipping charge rate is better than DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

4. Our quotation is always in the low side since we have good relationships with our Asia suppliers, and we also can source parts in the USA.

5. We also accept low volume orders since we always want to grow with our customers together.

Please select the one , or more of the following subjects for more details:

 1.PCB assembly factory capability and PCBA samples.

 2.PCBA Quality Control.

 3.Metal fabrication factory and samples.

 4. Metal part Quality Control.


If you need a quotation from us, please send us the BOM, or drawing for getting a quotation. We would be very happy to provide the service to you. Our contact information is:

                 Altatron Technology H.K Ltd

        Pinnan Cun, HuiHuan Zheng, HuiChen Shi,

        Huizhou, Guangdong, China  516006 

Tel: 86-752-584-1608/1609, 752-219-0950  Fax:86-752-584-1605

               Email:        Contact: Gene Liu



Altatron Technology H.K. Ltd

This is one of our production PCBA sample

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