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QC/Technical support:

   All of our production QC workers are highly trained in metal part fabrication. Every QC worker has many year experience in working in the factory. Our goal is to make products that meet customer specification. We never ship any bad parts to any of our customers. Every shipment must has past our final QA before shipping. And our experience mechanical engineer always work with the QAs together to make sure all the parts are done according to the drawing.

Factory Standard & Approval:

Almost all of our metal sheet shops are ISO-9002 certifield.

Materials control:

  Once the part has been approved by our customer, then we will never change the material for this part.


Procedures/testing Detail

 We have mechanical engineer to handle the drawings, ECNs, and other requirements from our customers. All shipment must first has to be passed the final QA before shipping to our customer.

  We also collect quality report from the production line and from our customers. That would greatly help us to analyze where is the problem original coming from, and then take correct action immediately to improve the product quality before the next production run.   

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Altatron Technology H.K. Ltd

Altatron Technology H.K. Ltd