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Our PCB assembly factory has about 1500 workers, And it is ISO-9001-2000 Certified.All of our PCB assembly works meet IPC-610C standdard.Our PCBA Failure rate is less than 0.5% after customers has tested them 100%.Our goal is 0% failure rate from our customers. And here are the capabilities of the factory:

1. SMT PCB assembly

2. BGA capability

3. COB bonding

4. Through-Hole

Here are some of the special equipments list:

1. 37 sets of SMD Pick and Place machines. 8 sets of hight speed SMD machine, 22 sets of middle speed SMD machines, and 7 sets of low speed SMD machines. SMD machines brand are Yamaha, Panasert, and Juki.

2. 9 sets of Hot-Air refloe machines.

3. 1 Conceptronic, model HGR2000 BGA rework system.

4. 1 CR Technology, model CRX-1000 CRX X-Ray system.

5. 1 Cyberoptics, Model LSM300 Laser Solder Paste Inspection System.

6. 1 MVP, model 1820 solder point inspector.

7. 9 sets of ASM COB Bonding machines.

8. 2 sets of Memmert, modle ULM600 hot ovens.

9. 4 sets of wave solder machines

10. 8 sets of Heylex, modle H128A Ultrasonic welding machines

11. 1 set of Vitronics Soltec, model 6622CC wave solder machine for lead-free   


12. 1 set of Hollic aqueous cleaning machine.

13. 3 sets of JTA, model JTA-1000 ultrasonic cleaners.

14. 10 sets of Hi-Pot testers.

15. 13 set of ICT machines, include one Genrad, modle TS-84 ICT machine.

16. And the other equipments such Oscilloscopes, Attenuators, DC power supplies, Frequency counters, Spectrum Analyzer, Distortion Microscopes, Audio Frequency Response Tracers, Audio, AM/FM signal Gen. & Sweep Generators...ect.


Current customers are: Alpine, Iwata, Audiovox, Toshiba Japan, Sharp, Sonic, Mita, Hitachi Koki, Omron Japan, AMG, IDT (HK)...ect.

Click the follwoing subject to see samples:

1. PCB assembly samples.

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     Huizhou, Guangdong, China  516006 

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